Green hydrogen,

an energy vector with future

The use of alternative energies is the challenge for the global energy future

For this reason, various governments have launched national strategies to promote clean energy, including the use of green hydrogen. This hydrogen, which we call “green”, will make it possible achieve climate protection goals, not only without affecting industrial or logistical competitiveness, but also as an ideal way to enter new markets.

It is a systemic approach, whose ultimate goal is to produce green hydrogen, so that we can transport, distribute and use it in the same way as fossil fuels, but with no carbon footprint and with decreasing costs in the future.

In WEDOH2 we take this challenge and contribute to the development of the “hydrogen community” through our three work areas:

H2 energy efficiency calculation

In WEDOH2 we calculate the power and Energy efficiency of your green hydrogen project, optimize the value chain and reduce possible inefficiencies.

Example: Analysts assume that the average production costs of green hydrogen will drop to around €/$ 5.00 per kg of hydrogen in 2025. A current H2 truck consumes about 6 kg/100 km, which is about €30 or $/100 km. The current consumption of a diesel truck is around 30 liters per 100 km. This represents a scope for the use of green hydrogen, even more considering the future cost curves (fossil energy cost – green energy cost), in addition to the expected performance improvements of hydrogen vehicles. WEDOH2 is at your disposal to carry out the calculations of your green hydrogen project, not only in the transport sector.

International H2 projects

We firmly believe in comparative cost advantages. The partners that WEDOH2 involve in the projects are the most efficient in the production of the respective project component. This is the only way to achieve an optimal, international, result in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. WEDOH2 works with local partners on site to analyze the administrative and legal implications.

The green hydrogen challenge is a global challenge, the teams need to be it too.

Advice on electrolysis processes / components / hardware

Data from system providers of electrolysers available on the market are important in order to be able to define its possible uses.

Depending on the project typology, the following information is important for the assessment.

WEDOH2 sets up an analysis of the different electrolysers for your project. We also recommend, on request, the integration of other components in the installation, so that the electrolyser can achieve its full performance: dryers, air purifiers, etc...

On-site hydrogen production and storage is a crucial step towards energy self-sufficiency. Generated with 100% renewable electricity, green hydrogen offers an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

The average target is to reduce these emissions by 40% by 2030 and by 75% by 2050. This cannot be implemented with “blue” or “grey” hydrogen, since these are made with fossil fuels.

Whether you need hydrogen calculations, want to be part of international projects, or need advice on electrolysers / components / hardware, WEDOH2 is at your disposal.


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